Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

Leadership Team

Executive Director: Jim Ruedin
Human Resources Manager: Beverly Dye
Consumer Directed Services Manager: Sara Devine
Payroll Manager: Courtney Labonte
Independent Living Services Manager: Vito Lucido
Office Manager: Gina Licameli

Our Staff

Independent Living Specialist: Jennifer Bales
Independent Living Specialist: Amanda Kosyan
Independent Living Specialist: Lisa Ezeamii
Independent Living Specialist: Jose Miguel Topete
Independent Living Specialist: Sherron Lomax
CDS Intake Specialist: Chris Larsen
Receptionist: Marti Zerr
Payroll Specialist:  Kathy Schopp

Delta Center increases Personal Freedom & Independence for Persons with Disabilities

Delta Center partners with people with disabilities and their communities to remove barriers and promote positive changes leading to greater independence.
We envision a world of acceptance, access, independence and self-determination for all.