Image of a young man in a wheelchair washing dishes in the kitchen. Image of a young girl walking in the grass using a walker. Image of man in a wheelchair playing tennis. Image of a man with a visual impairment walking in the city using a walking stick. Image of an elderly man pushing his wife in a wheelchair at the beach.

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"We envision a world of acceptance, access, independence and self-determination for all."

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Adaptive Telephones & Hearing Impaired Phones

If you have trouble using the phone Delta Center may be able to help!

Do you have trouble with one of the following:

Do you:

If you answered "Yes" to these three questions, you qualify for a FREE adaptive telephone!

For more information about Adaptive Telephones & Hearing Impaired Phones, please call our Information and Referral Hotline at 636-926-8761, extension 228 or you may contact us by email at

Image of an adaptive telephone for low vision impairments. Image of a teletypewriter for hearing impairments.


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