Image of a young man in a wheelchair washing dishes in the kitchen. Image of a young girl walking in the grass using a walker. Image of man in a wheelchair playing tennis. Image of a man with a visual impairment walking in the city using a walking stick. Image of an elderly man pushing his wife in a wheelchair at the beach.

Our Vision:
"We envision a world of acceptance, access, independence and self-determination for all."

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Delta Center

Most people will encounter some form of ongoing physical or mental challenge at some point in their lives. Whether it's being born with a life-long physical or mental impairment, encountering a life-changing traumatic event or illness, or experiencing the effects of aging, such as hearing or vision loss, Delta Center can assist you or your loved one in maintaining and often improving the ability to live independently.

Mission Statement:

Delta Center partners with people with disabilities and their communities to remove barriers and promote positive changes leading to greater independence for all.

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